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TIENS GLOW Collagen Shots

TIENS GLOW Collagen Shots - Food supplement with collagen, ginseng extract, Manuka honey and purple carrot juice. With tapioca sugar and stevia, as well as purple carrot juice, for better taste.

Retail price: € 51.6
Member price: € 41.3


TIENS Glow Collagen shot contains hydrolysed form of marine collagen – collagen peptides, which are the most natural form of collagen for our body to absorb and utilize.

Both the skin, where collagen makes up about 75% of the dry weight and provides volume that keeps the skin looking supple, and the joints benefit from collagen supply to the body.

What is collagen?
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is a key constituent of all connective tissue, it provides the infrastructure of the musculoskeletal system and is the main structural element of the skin, providing an extracellular matrix, which gives the skin much of its overall constitution and look. 
TIENS Glow Collagen Shot is additionally formulated with Fresh Ginseng extract, Manuka honey and purple carrot juice – natural ingredients that are known to have extraordinarily high contents of antioxidants and other, potent active compounds. 
Fresh Ginseng extract
  • Ginseng contains abundance of alkaloids such as ginsenosides, active compounds found exclusively in the plant genus Panax (ginseng). Many studies of the biological effects of ginsenosides in cell cultures have shown their high antioxidant capacity.
  • Ginseng is considered one of the most precious adaptogens that have been widely used in different cultures and human populations since ancient times.
Manuka honey
  • Quality of Manuka honey used in TIENS Glow Collagen Shot has been certified with the UMF™ mark. Manuka honey UMF10+ has a high methylglyoxal content of over 263 mg/kg. Methylglyoxal (MGO) is a naturally occurring chemical, responsible for high biological activity and unique antibacterial properties of Manuka honey. This puts it in the elite group of superfoods.
Purple carrot
  • Purple carrot is an ancestor of modern carrot. It contains more nutrients comparing to regular orange carrot. Purple carrot has an exclusive valuable anthocyanidin- cyanidin - a natural pigment found in some red berries and dark, purple vegetables. In plant skin, dark-coloured cyanidin pigment exhibits significant antioxidant properties and like other anthocyanidins, protects them against oxidative stress induced by UV-rays and other free radicals.
Double-NUTRI2™ technology
  • Double-NUTRI2™ technology successfully combines the water-soluble and oil-soluble nutrients together with natural plant extract and functional ingredients. This patented, micro-emulsification technology allows micronization of active ingredients to functional particle size of 1~3μm, which ensures superb, quick absorption without the need for physical digestion in the body.


Net content: 15 sachets x 15 ml (225ml)
In 15 ml (recommended daily portion)
  • Fish collagen peptides 2500 mg
  • Fresh ginseng extract 835 mg
  • Manuka nectar honey 100 mg
  • Purple carrot and lemon juice 90 mg
Recommended daily portion: drink 1 sachet shot per day, directly after opening, or mix with water, according to personal preference. Do not exceed the recommended daily portion. Do not take food supplements as a substitute for a varied diet. A healthy lifestyle and balanced diet are important.
Contraindications: not for children under 18, pregnant and/or breastfeeding women and those who are allergic to the ingredients of the preparation. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking antidiabetic, blood-thinning (anticoagulants) and/or antihypertensive medications.
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